Friday, December 19, 2014


this year i got the title "party planner" for my officer position in dance company. 
in the past years no one has quite sure what the job of 'party planner' is, so not much is done. but because i love baking treats for people, and i can only drop off cookies and cupcakes at the friends and neighbors house so often without it getting questionable and old, i decided once a month i'd bring treats for the dance company in honor of all the birthdays. The more festive i get with these treats, the funner they are to bake and bring (thanks pinterest) so for the December treat i made peanut butter Rudolph cookies. adorable right? hopefully they were as yummy as they were cute. 

one of the reasons i want to be a mom so badly is for the seasonal/holiday baking and crafting, because kids love stuff like this! but until then, i'm glad my 17 year old friends still get excited over little things like this. 

also, on saturday my oldest sister turned 26, she's such a peacemaker, and sometimes i really question if she's actually human or angel. 
on Sunday night we had the family over for her birthday dinner and gifts, while my mom made pasta, i got the honor of baking the cake, and topping it with the funnest cutest sprinkles you ever did see. being a girl is fun. happy birthday sweet nicole!

*lets all take deep breaths while I continue to use my iPhone 4 camera photos. one day that'll change friends. one day!*