Thursday, December 11, 2014

happy birthday mama

on tuesday, my sweet mother turned 50. she is pretty, stylish, and wants to be known as the 'cookie grandma' (so far i think it's working)

we celebrated by having family over for cake and presents, we ordered her cake from schmidt's bakery, where she worked during high school. we plan to finish celebrating with a trip up to temple square this sunday after church.

i wish i could try to explain just how christlike this woman is, but it's indescribably. she never stops serving others, and she never expects any sort of recognition for it. she is more patient then most people will probably ever be.

she is hands down the sweetest woman i know, and she has such a tender, caring heart. to say i feel blessed every single day that she is MY mother would be understatement. not only am i so grateful to be raised by such an amazing woman, i'm grateful for everything she's taught me so far about raising a family and being the best mom and wife possible. i hope to follow in her footsteps and live up to the high standard she's set for us hill woman. 
i love you suzie Q.