Monday, August 29, 2016

mama appreciation.

One MAJOR perk (because let's be real, there's one million perks) to having my mom work with me is the fact that whenever I have a headache I can just let her know and she'll be over at my desk with a diet coke and some ibuprofen in the next few minutes.
Two weeks ago I was at work feeling as awful as ever and my mom shows up at my desk with Coke Zero (brain fart. Who does she think I am?! We all know Diet Coke is my go to, not Coke Zero) little tears started to form in my eyes because I was needing a DC and was stuck with Coke Zero instead. HAHA am I an ungrateful diva or what?!  My awesome mom dumped out the Coke Zero she had JUST purchased and she goes to buy me a Diet Coke instead. Can you believe that?! What did I do to deserve her? I may never know, but i'm sure glad I have her.
Sometimes I wish my mom was a boy so I could marry her. She takes such good care of me.

Forever grateful for a patient mother who loves her *sometimes* (wink wink) high maintenance diva of a daughter. I'm a lucky one.

p.s. Not only is she the sweetest and most loving, but how cute is she?! The most stylish MOM out there.