Friday, August 5, 2016

cabin weekend.

Late Friday afternoon my family and I headed up to our beloved family cabin.

We were lucky enough to have my cute granny bird with us this time. Her husband built this place a long time ago, we always love when she's able to join us!

Friday night we didn't have much time after arriving before we all headed to bed, but some of my family put on a movie while the rest of us went out for a little night walk under the clear pretty sky.

As we made our way back to the cabin I had to stop for a minute to just let it all soak in. There were lots of stars above us and you could see our cabin just down the dirt path. The cabin's porch lights were all on and the light from the kitchen was shining out of the open front door. Knowing that inside that open door my family sat all cuddling together on the couch brought such a peaceful feeling.

There's nothing quite like quiet nights up in the mountain, bright stars, clear skies, and family! 

That night I stayed up way too late, cuddled up in my sleeping back with a flashlight in hand as I read "Girl on the Train." The next morning I woke up with the sun and to the faint sound of my nieces playing in the background. Half of us slept out on the deck under the stars while everyone else was stuck inside (suckers.) Sleeping out on the deck is one of my favorite things about the cabin, It's always a contest to see who can claim their spot on the deck first, and we're always cramming as many people's sleeping bags out there as we possibly can.


Ty and Chels were busy making breakfast burritos for everyone while everyone else ran around playing. After breakfast most everyone went out for four-wheeler rides, but I sat on the porch with my grandma as we both read. I finished my book "The Girl on The Train" and oh my gosh I'm obsessed! I was hooked, I couldn't put it down until  I had it finished!

Later that afternoon Lex and I went out back with little Pais. There's a tee-pee behind our cabin that me and Lex use to play "house" or "Indians" in when we were younger; now we're playing house out there with our niece! Paisley used a tree stump as her stove and pretended to make us eggs, pancakes, and sausage with her "stick" spatula. She had the greatest time pretending we were sisters and that Lexi was our mom. 

I love her imagination! She's always playing and pretending. 3 is such a fun age! 

We also spent time on the cute swing that's out back. This swing is another thing that Lex and I were crazy obsessed with when we were younger. I'm so glad that all these things are still standing.