Wednesday, August 17, 2016

swimming + snow cones.

The other afternoon while Maycie took a nap I took Paisley over to the pool to swim.

We played "swimming lessons" she'd pretend to be my daughter, and I her mom. She'd splash around in the pool then get out and come over to where I was sitting, I had to greet her with "you did so good honey!" every time. I couldn't say "honey buns" or "sweetie" or "that was awesome!" If I said anything besides "you did so good honey" she was very quick to correct me.
We switched roles and she'd pretend to be my mom and I was her daughter at swim lessons, this time I'd have to cry for my teacher and she'd come over to give me a tissue and tell me I needed to be good and stop crying haha. We played these two scenes over and over again for probably an hour. Kids crack me up! I love that imagination of hers. 

Once we played a few more games the sun began to make me tired, so i suggested we go get snow cones, she was obviously all over that. What 3 year old could turn down a free snow cone?!
Paisley had originally requested "strawberry," but as I looked at their list of flavors and saw they had a flavor titled "princess" (Blue Cotton Candy and Pink Bubblegum) I knew her mind would be changed. When I asked her if she wanted the "princess" flavor instead her face lit up and the biggest smile came across her face. It was a definite yes. 
Check out that pretty purple and pink snow cone. What else could a girl want?
I love spending one on one time with my nieces, and I love the friendship I have with each of them. It was such a perfect afternoon!