Wednesday, July 27, 2016

lips by court.

I've been selling LipSense for about a month now and oh my goodness i'm hooked!
I'm a full blown lipstick lover, always have been! And this stuff is a game changer. As much of a lipstick addict as I am, sometimes wearing it does get a little obnoxious and it isn't always super comfortable. 

I'd wear lipstick everyday if it wasn't for the smudges, smears, and drying out my lips. The absolute worst is when my lipstick begins to "feather" or when I bring an apple for a snack at work and soon realize "dang, I'm wearing lipstick. If I eat this apple it's going to get all over my face and all over my apple" I have pretty big lips, so eating really anything while wearing lipstick results in me getting lipstick on my chin and on my upper lip. 
BUT, lucky me, I've been introduced to LipSense. LipSense is a smudge proof, kiss proof, and water proof long lasting liquid lip color. It's wax free and lead free so while it lasts up to 18 hours it actually works to repair and moisturize your lips. Seems too good to be true right?!
Calling all ladies, lipstick lovers, and husbands/significant others who want to smooch without being covered in lipstick, this is for you! Find me on my instagram page: @lipsbycourt or on my facebook page: @lipsbycourt or email me at
I'd be more then happy to help you pick out a shade that's perfect for you and place an order. If you want to try it out before buying it i'd be happy to let you come over and test some out as well.