Wednesday, July 6, 2016

independence day.

happy 4th of july (cue alllll the festive outfits) my day started with a hot breakfast out of the oven thanks to my mama; breakfast was followed by a nice long hike to horse tail falls

after our hike i spent a couple of hours at the pool.

after swimming and a shower we had a BBQ with my immediate family. lastly, we walked down to the church park to watch P.G. cities fire work show. my family has been going to that firework show every 4th of july since the beginning of time and it never disappoints! we always leave extremely impressed with how well they do.

this year i've felt more grateful then ever before for this country, our freedom, and the significance that the 4th of July holds. it's cool how the older you get the more you understand and appreciate meaningful life changing events like this one. i truly am so proud to be an american; i love this country of ours and i'm grateful for the men who fight to protect us. #americapride #letfreedomring