Friday, July 15, 2016

blackhawk campground.

last year my family and i took a little weekend camping trip to blackhawk campground (right by payson lakes) as you may remember from this post. we had such a great time we decided to "re-create" the trip this year.

this year we were fortunate enough to have lex home from her mission, so she was able to join us! we were also unfortunate enough to have my dad and j bail to summit timp, and to have heather bail to do what ever she wanted to do (lol. love you heath) SO it was a trip for three; but we had the best time! (a seriously way better time then i expected/planned on)

i chopped wood with an ax (and felt way accomplished, even though me playing with/swinging the ax around made my mom so nervous haha, can't blame her) once it was dark we roasted smores, got ready for bed, then played card games in our tent with our headlights on.

the next morning we woke up, played more card games while eating breakfast, then we went to the lake! we took a little "ride" around the lake in our raft, went for a walk, and brought things to make bagel sandwiches for our picnic!

it was the perfect little camping trip full of laughs, inside jokes, streaking (okay.... i might be the only one who did that) and lots of crazy, hyper energy (mostly on my part once again. oops)