Friday, April 15, 2016

sunday at granny birds.

my sweet "granny bird" lives up in farmington utah, my family constantly finds ourselves thinking that we really don't visit her often enough. this past sunday morning my mom prepared a dinner for us to take up to my grandma's house, after church we headed up to my sweet grandma's home. as soon as we arrived we popped our prepared dinner in her oven and looked through the old pictures she had brought out. i don't know why my grandma hadn't ever gotten her pictures out before, but they were so fun to look at! i loved hearing her tell her stories as we looked through all her photos.

sweet maycie sleeping on the ride up.
the hospital in australia where my grandmother was born. the hospital is still standing til this day (my grandama turns 90 in august!)
my grandmothers parents.
 my grandmas only brother, ian. he use to go out and sail and would come back every few years to visit he sisters, was kidnapped by pirates and never returned. my grandma first told me this story when i was about 8 and i'll admit..... i laughed. for some reason the idea of getting kidnapped by pirates humored me.
my grandma's older sister who died as a baby from polio. she was never baptized and my great grandma was so torn up with the thought of her perfect baby going to hell, when my great grandma met the mormon missionaries she was overwhelmed with peace knowing that she'd get to be with her child again. boom. conversion.
 my grandma out on a picnic with a mormon missionary who was serving in her ward. oh how times have changed! could you even imagine a missionary taking a girl out on a picnic in today's world? haha.
my grandma's family. complete with her dog sandy mcnab. 

after dinner my family went for a walk to the park near my grandma's house. i played PIG with the boys. eventually my dad ditched us and lexi joined us; we switched from pig to a game of 2 on 2. me and tyler dominated.
it just so happened to also be national siblings day; how appropriate! 
sure love this sweet granny bird of mine. she makes life happier!