Friday, April 8, 2016

general conference weekend.

last weekend was spring general conference. i swear every year we're blessed with the most beautiful weather over conference weekend. our weekend consisted of peaches and cream french toast, pajama's all day long, sunshine, breakfast burritos, the park, snuggling, family, sunshine, and a whole lot of spiritual upliftment.
 during the sunday morning session i sat and listened to the talks while i watched my sweet nieces sharing a chair as they painted together.

maycie eventually went down for a nap and the rest of us went over to the couch to finish up watching the sunday morning session. my heart was so full as i pondered the words spoken about family and fatherhood (from Elder Todd D. Chrsitophersons talk) while watching my brother and his sweet family cuddled up together. 

i felt especially at peace last weekend. i am oh so blessed. i've got the best examples in my life and better influences then i could ever ask for. i'm forever grateful for an older brother and a father who are both worth priesthood holders; they constantly remind me what i want in my future husband and they probably don't even realize that they're doing it. life can get overwhelming and tiring but at the end of the day i've got the best family and that's all that really matters.

family combined with beautiful words from our prophet and other church leaders equal the perfect recipe for an amazing weekend.