Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My twin turned 27.... and so did her twin!

Exactly a week after my birthday is my cute siblings birthdays! Heather + Tyler are my favorite set of twins EVER. 
Heather had work off on her birthday, and I was off at 12, so once I got off work I delivered her some birthday lunch and we went shopping.

It was so great to spend the afternoon with her. After shopping her BFF Britt came over to get an eyelash fill by Heath. While Heather did Britt's eyelashes I got to cuddle her sweet baby girl Charolette. 

That night I had to babysit, so sadly I missed out on Heath opening all her gifts, but luckily for me she was still at our house as soon as I got home!! 

Heather is my soul sister. And my twin. Even though she's 7 years older then I am, we are so similar. So similar it's scary. We just click. And we just get each other. She is a blessing in my life! So grateful for humans like her. Everyone needs a Heather in their life.

So she has a twin brother, remember?! It was his birthday too!! 

Sadly, he's a stinker and a party pooper. He doesn't care as much about birthday's as Heath and I do. (Especially not me... I'm a birthday freak, remember?!) So he didn't come over with his family to celebrate. Because he let us know ahead of time that they probably wouldn't be coming over, the Sunday before their birthday we took his presents + birthday cake up to him at his new house.

Tyler comes off all "rough and tough", but he's actually a big softy! He's hilarious, and makes me laugh so hard. He's also a big sweetie, and such a loving older brother! He'd be embarrassed to be referred to as a "sweetie", but I really can tell how much he just loves and cares about me and my well being (and all his siblings) and it's just the sweetest!! Especially from such a "bad A" dude like him. He has so many qualities that I hope to find in my own future husband! He's a better big brother then I ever could've dreamed up on my own + asked for. 

Happy 27th Tyler and Heather!