Sunday, September 28, 2014

first fall weekend.

this weekend was simple, but perfect.
Friday me and my family took a little trip up to the salt lake airport to pick up my father who had been in Europe this past week, he brought home no Europe chocolate, but i couldn't even be sad because he brought me home one direction tattoos and nail stickers, which i'd chose over chocolate any day.

we then went to the pie, picked up the yummiest cilantro bbq chicken pizza, took it to a baseball field, and had a little mini picnic. it was sort of a spur of the moment thing - but it was fun!
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to hike up to timp cave with my cute sister, it was raining, and by the time we were done we were soaked, but it was the prettiest it's ever been. being on top of the mountain and looking down at all the fog was beautiful! I wish i'd of brought my phone so I could've shared the view.
not only was it beautiful, but the smell of rainy autumn air is a dream.

i then got home, and took a hot bath in my dark bathroom lit by a candle; cozy and perfect.
i then cleaned for my mama, read, and took a nap.

i ended my day with a bridal shower, shopping for fabric at hobby lobby, and work. so simple, not very significant, yet such a great day, because the fall atmosphere is officially here and i'm in love. (please oh please Utah - let it stay awhile)

sunday was spent baking the yummiest pumpkin caramel cupcakes - with caramel cream cheese frosting, and spending time with family.

the weather continued to be perfect and the fall atmosphere kept me happier then ever, hope your weekends were all just as lovely!