Sunday, August 24, 2014


these past two weeks i've realized just how crazy and sad growing up is.
my junior year of high school all of my closets friends were seniors, and as hard as I thought graduation was... i had no idea what i'd be experiencing just 3 months later.

my first goodbye was to ms. kinzie taylor (she will be attending Utah state) let's just say at 1 a.m. when I didn't want to be home, I'd go to the Taylor home and cuddle her in her bed while she slept and I sat on my phone, that's pretty much true friendship right?! not only was her door always open for me, she was a better listener then anyone else ever could be, i could never repay her for that.

my next set of goodbyes were to amber (who will be attending Dixie) and carrie (who will be attending Utah state) --and thankfully i get to keep kels here with me as she's going to UVU.
dance company will these girls? there's nothing better, (our coach thinks strongly otherwise) i mean who else would sit in the corner and draw centaurs and narwalls on the white board with me instead of dancing?!
 i have a special place in my heart for these ladies, we just "fit" together, it was an instant connection. i like to look at it like soul mates (but the best friend kind of mates) 

lastly (but not least) elder zack  Johnson. saying my goodbye for the next two years as he heads out to serve in fort Collins Colorado was a lot harder then expected.
i'm going to miss his dumb jokes and his awesome advice when I was sad or upset, and i'll miss going on rides in "camo" but I'm absolutely so thrilled for him. (and I promised to be his missionary GF, so i'm also excited to send cute packages. i already had a piece of cake from the chocolate delivered to the MTC so i'd say i'm doing pretty good with that one so far)

most of all, it's going to suck not seeing these people in the hallways everyday, and it's going to suck not spending half the time I use to with them, but holla at senior year, i'm we're ready for you, (I still know some pretty cool 'non-graduated' people.)

bring it on.