Tuesday, August 12, 2014


you know how sometimes traumatizing or scary or sad things occur? and you instantly think to yourself "i'm putting this in the back closet and leaving it there. this story is never to be spoken of" ?
(I know we can all think of at least one thing that causes us a lot of shame and guilt)
but guess what surprisingly enough actually feels really good? talking about these things and events.
at first it's hard, getting these thoughts and memories out of that back closet and talking about them almost makes them worse. it's like re-doing a house, or organizing a messy room -sometimes it gets worse before it gets better... but eventually you get to a point where you've dug deep, you've broken down your walls, and you're vulnerable. you talk (openly) about what once was the un-speakable.
and strangely... it feels really good.
today I give 5 gold stars to being vulnerable.