Sunday, January 4, 2015

happy 14th jackson

**some old pictures of me and Jackson**

today my little brother turned 14 years old, because we had 9 o'clock church, and it was a fast sunday, my mom opted out of a birthday breakfast, so Saturday night i decided to head out and buy the kid a cinnamon roll, donut holes, and chocolate milk (the yoo-hoo brand to be specific....his favorites) and then surprise him with breakfast in bed, because with his love for food and his large appetite, i knew there was no other way he'd choose to start his birthday.

guess who loves to bake and volunteered to make the birthday cake? SURPRISE (or no surprise) it was me.

he chose for his birthday cake - a reese's cup cake...
 and would this even be an appropriate blog post of mine without me writing about something i baked and then posted 100 pictures of it all?

it's weird to think about myself when i was in 8th grade, and imagine him actually being that old (i got my first kiss when i was his age... WHAT?!)
even though he may out weigh me, and when my heels are off (and even when some of them are on) he his taller then me, he's still just my baby brother.
  maybe he does chew with his mouth open too often, and maybe he never flush's the toilet just to bug us, causing everything within a 50ft radius of the bathroom to stink.... but somehow, i can't help but love him a whole bunch.
 and did i mention this kid is an allstar when it comes to any and every sport under the sun? so jealous of his talent and determination.

thanks for always making me laugh dude.