Sunday, April 19, 2015

golden birthday

yesterday I turned 18 on the 18th, in the hill home (okay maybe just to me and my older sister), this is a big occasion. we couldn't celebrate the golden birthday without gold metallic banners, gold polka dot table runners, mason jars covered in gold glitter, and overly priced balloons.

my morning started with running around like crazy trying to get decorated for my "waffle party" it ended up exactly how I envisioned it, which I couldn't of been happier about! I invited friends over, and we had a big "waffle bar" in my back yard.

the waffle bar consisted of, original waffles, chocolate waffles, and pumpkin waffles, all fresh and homemade. of course, you can't forget about the toppings, we had by whipped peanut butter, caramel syrup, regular syrup, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar, nutella, homemade whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and blueberry sauce. we threw in some mini powdered donuts, for fun too. for beverages, we had chocolate milk, regular milk, orange juice, and a big pitcher of water. we lucked out, because after a stormy week, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

we set up a little 'photo booth' for the party. we hung up strips of shiny gold and white lace fabric for a backdrop, next to that we had a little barstool with little props, it was simple, cute, and fun.

next, I opened my presents with my family. I got the usual, clothes, make up, jewelry, shoes, money, all my favorite things.
after opening presents, my mom treated me and my sister to an hour long massage at seasons salon. it was a dream come true, if you're looking for something relaxing and fun to do on your birthday, I highly suggest this.

after massages, we headed up the canyon for a cook out. shrimp tacos, my family, the mountains, my ideal birthday dinner.

once it got chilly, we headed back home for birthday cake. you bet I had glittery cake toppers.

I ended the night at the movies with my closest friends. my one and only 18th birthday was so fabulously festive, after all, it was filled with all things gold.