Thursday, April 30, 2015

the second & third april birthdays.

last saturday was my cute sister's golden birthday (and her twin brother's too)
3 golden birthdays in one week? Sweet!

although we may be 7 years apart, I think me and heather are secretly twins. we have so much in common, we look a lot alike, and we're best friends. I could never get sick of hanging out with her.

then there's tyler, he's the best older brother anyone could ask for, he keeps our family laughing and smiling. not to mention, he's the cutest husband and dad, he inspires me, and I hope to marry someone as humble as him someday!

saturday morning we surprised heather with breakfast in bed, and then later we celebrated with pedicures and shopping.

on sunday tyler and his girls came over, we opened presents, and made his favorite dinner (bbq grill pizza, one word: amazing) 

I'm so lucky to have these twins as older siblings, especially since their birthdays are only one week after mine, the celebrating never stops!