Sunday, March 5, 2017

Who am I?

I'm in school right now majoring in Behavioral Science (with a emphasis in Family Studies). One of my required courses is FAMS-101G (Contemporary Families). Last week one of our assignments was titled "Who am I?". We had to write an article addressing different assigned topics, how that topic shaped who we are, and how that topic will influence your future family. The last topic in my essay was gender. How did gender effect my development?? As I wrote it I almost got emotionally thinking about my roles and what I feel is my divine nature and purpose as a woman. I decided to share what I wrote:

"Gender effected my development in a pretty typical way! I didn’t play football (or any sports involving a ball) growing up. I did gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. I liked putting on fancy frilly dress ups with my sisters, brushing and braiding my barbies hair, and pretending to change my baby dolls diapers. All of the “games” I played and all of the activities I was involved in shaped me into the pink obsessed girly girl that I am today! I’ve grown into a young woman who loves to shop, do my make up, and curl my hair each morning. I have strong maternal instincts. I crave being a homemaker and mother. I like to sweep kitchen floors, make dinners, and clear all the dishes in the sink. These are such “motherly” duties in my head. I have these jobs and duties classified as “motherly” in my head because I watched my mom do all of them as I grew up! Contrary to the current and popular “trends” of the world, I do agree with these gender roles! I want my boys to grow up running around outside, playing in the dirt, and playing catch. I’m excited to drive them down to the ball field for practice and to fabreeze my car after them and their sweaty friends climb in for a ride home. I hope my daughters will want to help me bake and play in all of my old dance costumes. I love these typical and maybe “old fashioned” gender roles. I picture my husband working and being our bread winner and I picture me being the “House-Wife”. These gender roles never changed as I grew up. They remained very consistent in my own home! I plan to continue these roles under my own roof someday." 

I'm happy to be a girly girl, and I'm so glad my maternal instincts are so strong! I can't wait to be a mama some day.