Monday, February 27, 2017

California Dreaming.

As amazing as Disney always is.... I still have to give some credit to the rest of my California trip too. Because the whole thing was quite grand. 

And T.K. Burger while we were at it.

 We drove past this place while on the way to the beach and I pointed it out to all of them. It's been an old family fave for awhile. We use to come here when we'd visit Heather (back when she lived on Huntington Beach). It's just this little run down, hole in the wall, burger joint, but it's the yummiest! They decided they wanted to try it out and they all ended up approving of my suggestion. This place really is like a little hidden treasure! 

And while walking the streets of Huntington I can't ever help but admire all the perfect little homes. Too cute!! 

The first night in California (during the crazy storm) Blake introduced us to one of his favorite places: The Creamistry. It was the coolest. So fun to watch them make it all!

Seriously so clever. I've got to open one of these places and become famous and rich.