Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentines Day.

As you all probably already know, Valentines Day IS MY JAM. To be more specific, the color pink is my jam. My whole Instagram feed was full of wedding pictures, PDA, snugly couples, and long sappy captions. I didn't mind one bit. I THRIVE OFF OF THIS STUFF. So much love for people in love... ya feel?! I wish every day was Valentines day. 
There's nothing I appreciate quite as much as going to the grocery store in January/February and seeing a whole aisle covered in pink, red, and purple. It's just the cutest. I'm weird. But it makes my girly girl heart real happy. (Especially Target. Their dollar section is killing it at this time of year. I mean when isn't it?! But it's on steroids during this holiday. Give me aawwwllll the glitter and heart shaped confetti).

We celebrated by making festive cookies for co-workers and friends and wearing all the pink and red.

One of my moms preschool students had brought Valentines donuts for snack time, there was an extra waiting for Maycie when she woke up from her nap and she was so excited. 

My older brother came home from work with a dozen roses for his wife, & balloons + fruity gum for his little girls. He was pissed when I started taking pictures to document the moment.... that's Tyler for ya haha.

I'll be honest, my heart melted when I saw my brother walk in the door with little gifts for all of his 'valentines'. The smile on his girls faces was pretty sweet too. Tyler is not a hopeless romantic; and he isn't super sentimental either. He's the kind of person that thinks Valentines day is a little bit dumb. He is the least festive person I know hahaha. But despite his feelings on the "pointless" holiday, he's always taking care of his girls. My older brother seems rough and tough on the outside, but I love seeing him turn into a marshmallow for his family. He's got a lot of quality's that I hope my future husband possesses! 

My mom made lots of homemade fudge for all of her 'valentines' (my family) and also left little gifts/a favorite 'treat' of ours on our pillows. 

Mama knows the way to my heart.

Just like every holiday, Valentines day makes me extra excited to be a mama someday. I'll be that mom making heart shaped pancakes topped with pink sprinkles for breakfast, dying my kids milk pink, serving boxes of truffles for dinner, working on homemade Valentines boxes for over a month, decorating the entire house with streamers and hearts, and probably putting way too much effort into homemade Valentines cards for my kids classes. Go big or go home man. Festivity is in my blood.