Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The reasons.

Last Thursday cute Nie Nie Dialogue's (who we all know rocks my world) posted about the "reasons why she loved today." The first thing on the list was "It felt like spring and I opened a few windows". As I read it Friday morning I instant thought "I AGREE!!!!!" and decided I wanted to make my own blog post listing reasons I loved last week. 

1. It felt like spring. I didn't open any windows. But it felt like spring. And my heart was so happy. And my snap chat was full of videos of people playing at the park with their kids/the kids they nanny, people taking walks, hanging out outside without coats etc.
2. I finally saw La La Land. It was dreamy.
3. While on the topic of "band wagon" type of stuff, I started watching Stranger Things. Oh my essentially!! Why have I waited this long? 100% hooked.
4. HIGH Fitness. I don't think this is a real thing? Like I'm pretty sure someone recently made it up..... but it is the funnest. And it makes my heart so happy. You're essentially just having a dance party with a bunch of other women. Jessica teaches Wednesday nights at the American Fork VASA. Get there! She is the cutest and happiest.
5. I got a solid 30/30 on my math test *YESSS*
6. Sending my little brother off on his first date (PGHS sweethearts dance) he is the cutest.