Monday, February 6, 2017

Nursery Bud.

Early last year I got a calling to be a primary teacher for the cutest group of little girls (5 turning 6). It was the greatest first "adult calling" I could have asked for. I was so sad to watch them "graduate" onto a bigger class at the end of 2016. Not only did they move to a new class - so did I! For about a month I taught the 10 turning 11 year olds, and I LOVED it. I was so nervous at first because I didn't have coloring to rely on. I actually had to plan lessons that would last our whole class time. Also, the kids were old enough to really understand the lessons. The fact that my kiddo's were now listening and actually knew what I was saying now seemed a little intimidating. The nerves quickly left and I realized right away how much I adored the older group of kids and our "real" lessons. There was just something so satisfying about teaching a whole long lesson, feeling to spirit, and having the children's undivided attention! It gave me the biggest sense of accomplishment. Sadly, I was only with this cute new class for about a month. I was then released and called to serve in the Nursery. If we're being real, I was a bit bitter at first. I loved my new class and our new lessons so much and didn't want to leave. Despite being stubborn and willful (and maybe having a wee bit of a bad attitude), I accepted my new calling in the nursery. And guess who's in nursery with me?! 
Little Maycie Moo!! 
I shouldn't of had a bad attitude about the new calling in the first place, but I especially shouldn't have because of little Mayce. She's my new Sunday pal. I love it. What more could I ask for then to hang out with her for 3 hours?! We get to play with toys, eat animal crackers, go on walks, color, sing songs, and learn about how Heavenly Father created animals. It's a solid church day if you ask me! 

Freaking love this little face.