Tuesday, July 8, 2014

cabin weekend

saturday morning after all the fourth of july festivities my family headed up to grandpas cabin, it's little and dusty, not one of those big luxurious cabins most people have, it's not a "vacation" spot, it's much more of a camping trip, and although i'm a girly girl and being dusty isn't super comfortable to me, i'll always have a love for the mountains & camping, and there's always going to be a special spot in my heart for this cabin, after all it was built by my grandpa, and some of my favorite childhood memories took place here.



cute isn't it? our time up here is spent riding the four wheeler, going on walks, throwing rocks into one of the near by lakes, watching movies, playing board games as a family, sitting around the camp fire, exploring, sitting on the deck reading, 
you get the point, It's relaxing and always gives us a break from cell phones and reality. plus, what is better then loads of down time surrounded by family? especially with little pais on tow to keep us entertained.