Friday, July 4, 2014

new beginings

i've copied and re-posted my two latest posts from the last blog onto this new blog just so i could have something to start from, but i decided i should 'start' properly as well.

this summer i've had the re-occurring urge to "clean out" my "life." for example, going through pinterest boards and deleting all the pins i no longer wanted or needed, or deleting a board all together and starting over on it, simply cleaning out desk draws, throwing stuff away, reorganizing my closet,ect.
and now here i am "cleaning out my blog"
reason no. 1: because the old blog was titled crazy beautiful life. that title was inspired by a ke$ha song. yes i just said ke$ha. bless my heart.
reason no. 2: most of those posts were from eighth grade. pukey.
so here i am with the new blog, to tell you a bit about myself.
i am Courtney, 17 years old and heading into my senior year of high school. i'm 5"00 tall and unfortunately done growing, itty bitty. i have big eyes that look prettiest (super green) to me after i've been crying, lucky for me i cry a lot because i'm a super emotional girl. i hardly have free time (except for summer) majority of the 24 hours i'm given each day i chose to spend dancing, it keeps me busy but i can't complain because it's something i feel so passionate about, and i'm happy while i'm doing it. i also love cuddling my cat, her name is mable, but she'd prefer to scratch faces or drink milk then to cuddle. i'm a happy aunt of little miss paisley fox, she is a such a sassy little girl but i completely adore her. thinking of my future kids, husband, family, and traditions is what motivates me, i can't wait to see what my future has in store, in fact i often forget to settle down and enjoy the easy life of being a teen. that's about it, thanks for stopping by, follow me and stay awhile.