Friday, July 11, 2014

swimming, surgery, and camp.

*****i wrote this two weeks ago then never posted it because i rock *****

 tuesday i went in for surgery on this broken toe of mine (crossing fingers healing goes quickly from here) but with monday being my last free day on my foot, i wanted to do something fun and worth while! so my and my mom, and my sisters took little pais to the lindon pool, oh she loves water and had such a blast, so fun to just watch her on cloud 9,  i sure love that little munchkin.

then early tuesday morning at 6:15 I headed in for my surgery, long story short i broke my toe back in april, never really stopped dancing on it, resulting in floating bones in my toe that were never going to heal on their own, so the doctor had to remove these bones, and reattach my tendons.


*obviously had to get the photo shoot in first*

i woke up from the anethesia a little after 9 completely distraught that i had missed all of practice that morning, i cried a lot, and went on and on about how "all the girls are so tired right now, and they've been working so hard all morning, and i shouldn't of just slept all of practice" as soon as I calmed down i then spent a while laughing my guts off talking about if they accidnetly amputated my toe
"i wouldn't even be mad or sad because it would just be funny." bless my heart.

all of tuesday and wednesday were spent on my couch, keeping my foot elevated and iced, I guess not being able to walk has it's perks, no one can say no when you ask them to do stuff for you! but i just about went stir crazy, it's a good thing I have good friends who would come talk to me and watch movies with me, plus i still have 2 and a half seasons of gossip girl left to watch on Netflix, and you can never take too many naps. perk #2 of toe surgery: cute casts.


thursday at 5:55 a.m. i headed off for drill camp. longest, most tiring 3 days of my life. can't believe i am a senior and this was my last and final BDT camp.

camp this year was a bit different, i sat in my wheel chair at the front of the gym watching and trying my hardest to learn choreography from up there, i got down to stretch, and do sit ups, but that about reaches the extent of what i could do. it was hard to sit and watch, i would've loved to be dancing. but the rest i am forcing upon myself will be worth it when i'm dancing again sooner then later.

grateful for my amazing supportive team and coaches. couldn't of lasted this crazy week without them.