Saturday, October 17, 2015


on tuesday my number one man turned 51 years old.

this old man is seriously the man. this year i've had a more personal connection to him through the priesthood. he has given me some of the most meaningful, heart warming blessings. it's amazing how he can give these blessings on a whim. i know it's because they aren't words he's coming up with "on his own" it's words that he's inspired to speak from the holy ghost. i'll forever be so grateful for the blessing of growing up in a home where the priesthood is available.

for my dads birthday, all he wanted to do was celebrate by taking his granddaughters to hee haws... and so that is exactly what we did!

the girls loved it. it was darling to see how excited they were to ride the pony, pet the goats and sheep, go down the big slide on a burlap sack, ect. hee haws is the perfect place to take your littles during the fall, it made me even more excited to have babies of my own someday.

after our "party" at hee haws we headed back home for dinner, presents, cake & ice cream. i think "bumpas" favorite present was the only paisley had picked out for him (the pink flower hair clip... such a fun grandpa)

bumpa had been sharing his piece of cake with little mayce, and we decided it'd be cute to see what she'd do with her own piece, so we took off her shirt, and let her have at it.

it wasn't long before her cake was no longer on her plate and instead all over her stomach, in her hair, and smashed on her chair. as soon as that cake was gone she picked up her plate and started licking the chocolate frosting off of it. we couldn't stop laughing, i'm getting excited for her first birthday party now. afterwards, we gave maycie a bath, got the girls in their jammies, and went on a walk around the neighborhood. happy birthday daddy-o, i loved celebrating your 51st birthday with you.