Monday, October 19, 2015

little fuzz.

would you just take a look at that fuzzy little head, those huge pretty eyes, and those squishy cheeks? i could just eat her up. the older she gets, the more her personality comes out, and it's so exciting.

speaking of personality... her big sis is full of it! this little miss keeps us laughing and smiling all day. last weekend while she was over at "grammy's and bumpa's" just us two went out in the front yard to star gaze, she bend one arm and put her hand back behind head, she stretched out her other arm, looked at me and said "come here court. i love you" my heart melted as she insisted that i lay my head on her shoulder while we looked at the stars together don't be fooled though... she isn't always that sweet, because on saturday she was over and i asked "pais! want to go outside and cuddle again while we look at stars?" she responded, "hum. nope!" i started to "fake cry" begged and all she had to say was "no! YOU go outside!!"

some other funnies from this sweet and sassy girl:

*while going on a walk through the neighborhood to look at the "monsters" (our neighbors halloween 'graveyard' they have set up in their yard) we asked paisley what she says when she's trick or treating, she replied with "trick or treat. give me some!"

*one night while in my room getting dressed up in costumes she grabbed my teddy bear off my bed and hugged her tight and said "i love you bootsy. you're the best teddy bear ever!" (it's ten times cuter hearing how such pronounces "bootsy" with her high little squeaky voice.

*while playing in a big net pretending to be a "mermaid" who was "stuck" she shouted "stop it stop it net! do not tangle me!"

*paisley pulled her little sisters hair, and then ran away. as maycie started crying, she ran back and said "oh no! mayce, what happened?!" her mom said "well you hurt her" pais shrugged, replied "oh!" and walked away.

these little girls make me the happiest - sass and all!