Wednesday, October 14, 2015


saturday night (technically sunday morning) i woke up with an awful stomach bug, which resulted in me spending the rest of the night sleeping on the bathroom floor.... or trying to sleep that is.
sunday morning around 9 i finally got in my bed and i spent the rest of the day there.... i literally did not get out of my bed until 8 p.m.
being so sick for a full 24 hours made me realize how long 24 hours truly is. it also made me realize how grateful i am for my health. i don't remember the last time i had a stomach bug, it's been well over a year (and proably 2 or 3 years) since i've thrown up & had the flu. this weekend i was reminded of just how miserable nausea is. i think i need to count my blessings regarding my immune system when it comes to the stomach flu. here's to hoping i go another 2-3 years before having to deal with it again.

at 8 when i finally got myself out of my dark bedroom - and made my way upstairs - i decided watching elf with my family may just cheer me up for a bit, i'm happy to say it was a success. watching elf distracted me from the pain i was in and made me insanely excited for Christmas... the most wonderful time of the year is starting NOW! fall, halloween, crisp air, leaves, thanksgiving, snow, christmas, lights, caroling, i could just cry with excitement.

after a day with nothing to eat but some ice chips, i felt pretty weak. monday was full of more rest and doing my best to get some food in me. by tuesday i already felt like a new person. once again, counting my blessings that the stomach flu doesn't last for much longer then 24 hours.

beside getting excited for Christmas and the holidays, i was also filled with the spirit as i read this conference talk. it may just be my all time favorite talk from this past session.

"there is no darkness so dense, so menacing, or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by light."