Friday, October 14, 2016

labor day.

Over labor day weekend we had a quick girls trip up at the family cabin.
We baked, watched movies, went on walks, played card games, danced a lot, and sang really loud. 

My grandma also told us a lot more about her upbringing. I love spendingt time with her and hearing more and more about her past. 
Growing up her and her siblings got an allowence of one penny a week. Each week they would walk to the store and buy themselves a penny candy or 2 half penny candies. Could you imagine growing up with one treat a week? I was use to my mom making cookies twice a week and my dad taking us for daily treat runs to the gas station. 
My grandma and her siblings would also walk home every day at lunch time, after lunch they'd have to walk back to school to finish out the day. She said they hated it but her parents wouldn't send them with lunch to school. It just wasn't as common back then!
When she was first married, her and my grandpa lived off of $100 a month. $75 of it went to rent and the other $25 went towards food or what ever else they might need. How simply and lovely does a life like that sound?! I crave the simplicity of it.

It was a quick trip - real short and sweet - but SO needed.

 Clearly a real good time. 

The end.