Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Haylee turns 19.

Just 5 days before my birthday one of my dearest friends Haylee had HER birthday. We've been doing a whole bunch of celebrating. 

We got together for a celebratory lunch and shopping. 

Hay & I have lived in the same neighborhood for as long as I can remember. She's a year younger then I am, so I was never in her church or school classes, but for SOME reason we hated each other in elementary school. Once we were both in Young Woman's we blinked, and before we knew it we were beehives recking wreacking at mutual and girls camp. I'm so glad our relationship 180'ed. Even if it's gotten us into some serious trouble. 

We ended up dancing on the same team together in High school, and our relationship has just continued to grow ever since. I love this girl and I'm so grateful for everything she brings into my life. 

And some pictures of me and Kater at the birthday gathering.... just for good measure.