Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving out.

Sadly, we aren't talking about me moving out (actually.. that's not sad. I love living at home... but it'll be time soon considering i'm almost 20 now ;) ). Here's the sad part.... we're talking about MY BABIES moving out *gasp*
 Coming home from work to this sight was the SADDEST thing. Yeah I knew the big U-Haul would be there when I got home, it wasn't a surprise; BUT, it was still heartbreaking. 

Once the truck was all loaded we piled in our cars and made the drive to Santaquin.
My older brother and his sweet girls moved in with us at the very beginning of last February. They had originally planned to buy a home and move out the following summer, but once they got looking at houses they realized there wasn't anything that they just loved; so they decided to build! The building finally started happening in October. Here we are 6 months later watching them close and helping them get all moved in.

 While we unloading the big truck the girls played on their bikes in their brand new driveway. 

 Paisley is such a great helper! She actually did more "moving" and "unloading" then bike riding. She got to carry a bunch of her toys into her new toy room and she was thrilled!

And it wasn't long before Maycie had found a pink dress and was dancing barefoot in the empty U-haul truck. This girl and her dresses! She has this one specific pink dress that she begs to wear every. single. day. She throws the saddest fits when it's dirty and in the wash. 

 Check out those filthy feet! 

Thankfully my car was in need of an oil change, so the very next week I made another trip down to Santaquin for my brother to change the oil while I played with his girls ;) We'll be finding reason to visit every chance we get! Driving away that night and saying goodbye was the saddest. It's really only a 45 minute drive, so we all might be a little dramatic as we're acting like they are in a new state. We're just too use to having them with us every single day! 

So happy for these dearies, even though we miss the heck out of them already!