Monday, April 10, 2017

Fab 4 + 3 Arch Bay.

One afternoon was spent on 3 arch bay. A private beach on Laguna (we got them hook ups). It was BEAUTIFUL. Sadly, it wasn't warm enough for real swimming - and was actually a little bit chilly. 
My Kelsie and I. 

 Beach pictures for daaayyysss. Let's be honest, I'm just trying to show off my cute swimmie. Is anyone else guilty of this?! Wearing a cute outfit (or swimsuit) and thinking "I need to get a picture wearing this so everyone will think i'm so styling!" (insert laughing crying emoji). Part of me is sad to admit that (because it's pathetic), but the other part of me is just sad for the people who can't admit it, because WE ALL DO IT. I promise. 

 The fab 4. Together on a trip once more! We designated ourselves "the fab 4" after the 4 of us went to St. George together for the big baseball tournament our school holds down there each year. Our next "fab 4 trip" was Hawaii (which might not ever be topped). 

While we were in California all of our phones/time hops kept reminding us that it was these exact days EXACTLY 3 years ago that we were in St. George together. THE MEMORIES. The nostalgia was REAL. We decided that we need to keep this going. Every single year! Wether our getaway is park city, St. George, Hawaii, Europe, Japan, or anywhere in-between; we need to keep these "vacations"/"get aways" an on going tradition!