Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hawaii part one.

we stayed in Kehei while in hawaii, it was quite the perfect area. on our first morning we woke up, threw on swim suits and walked to "wow wow lemonade" for acai bowls. acai bowls are yummy here in utah; but i can honestly say that i've never tasted one like this before. i think the big coconut clusters on top may of  just been what won me over. best acai bowls. EVER.

from wow wow lemonade we walk right on over to the beach. i'm convinced i was living a dream the past 8 days.

later that night after the beach and naps we went and got shaved ice. once again, all shaved ice is good, BUT nothing tops the shaved ice in hawaii. they topped it with toasted coconut, and that it may of been what won me over...... (sound familiar??) i'm a die hard coconut girl.


cute picture of me and chlo girl on one of our afternoons on Lahaina's front street.


one of my favorite beaches that we went to was Ka'anapali Beach (aka Black Rock Beach.) they had awesome snorkeling and huge rocks for cliff jumping. while sitting on the shore at Ka'anapali we watched the prettiest sunset. the clouds were purple and pink; the sky looked just like cotton candy. i think i could've stayed right there for 10 more lifetimes and been perfectly content.