Saturday, November 28, 2015

hawaii part five.

there was the cutest little beach just walking distance from paradise gardens in keihi (where we were staying) it was almost like a private beach, it was little, slightly "hidden," and there was rarely anyone there. it was gorgeous and made for quite a perfect 'photo shoot' ;) unfortunately, the day we came here to take a bunch of pictures kait wasn't feeling well, so she stayed back to rest. after laying out and playing on the beach we had her meet us at coconuts where we ordered delicious fish tacos for dinner. seriously - SO GOOD!

there you have it guys. my perfect 8 days in hawaii condensed into 5 small posts. no words could do justice describing how great this vacation was. i think i've caught a travel bug, i'm ready for another trip.

p.s. check out that shadow. we're not sure how exactly that happened..... but we couldn't stop laughing!