Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hawaii part four.

one of our days in Hawaii was spent on a little day cruise which took us over to lanai harbor for a snorkeling trip. lanai had the prettiest and most perfect waters for snorkeling. on top of the amazing snorkeling, they had a slide that went off the boat and into the water.... i think  me and my friends spent more time on that slide than any other person on our boat did (including children)

after the trip we stopped at McDonalds because we were in all in need of a diet coke run, afterwards we headed to the Ritz Carlton to layout by their pool (and snag a few beach towels because we didn't bring any.) once dinner rolled around we headed out for some pizza, than we spent the rest of the night on Lahaina front street - where there was a party going on. we went to check out the party, however, it wasn't much of a 'party.' there was a crowd of old people sitting on folding chairs watching a band of old people sing crappy music. me and my friends had a grand ole' time dancing like fools in front of the stage. i'm not sure i'll ever spend another Friday night with people my parents age, but it was deffinatly a good experience.

onto another day... one afternoon we had ali (the intern we were staying with) take us to the Wailea mall - where she was headed to for work - at the mall we window shopped for a bit, than headed over to a beach that was close by. like most days, we stayed at the beach until the sun had finished setting. it was a beautiful beach! every beach in maui is beautiful. i continued to be blown away with each and every new beach i went to.

after the sun went down we walked to the island market to pick up some groceries so we could make a late dinner. after we checked it was 6:25, the bus came at 6:30, so we booked it. on our 'run' I tripped on a palm tree and face planted it. i laid on the ground laughing for a few seconds before I got up and started running again. it certainly would've been a few minutes if it wasn't for the adrenaline (and the desperate need to catch the bus.)
at 6:28 - 2 minutes before the bus was suppose to arrive - and 30 yards away from the bus stop, we watched the bus leave without us. bummer. we headed back to the island market to shop around a bit - but not for too long - because we wanted to be sure that we were at the bus stop nice and early. good news: we didn't miss the bus! bad news: we got off a stop too early and had to walk a mile - with our groceries - home. but hey, i was in Hawaii...... so i can't complain ;)