Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Portland Oregon.

i've been MIA the past little bit because i was busy basking in the sun in hawaii and loving every last minute of life. get ready for photo overload.

me & chlo flew out on sunday the 8th where we had a quick layover in seattle, then a long 7 hour layover in portland. we decided to make the most of those 7 hours so we hopped on a $2 shuttle that took us straight to the city and we did a bit of exploring.

we walked around a cute little market and then found ourselves in voodoo donuts for lunch. maybe i just tried the wrong donuts, but i would take dayling or krispy kreme over voodoo anyday. am i crazy?! in my opinion it was nothing to write home about. i hope to be back in portland some day to try a different donut and to hopefully have a better experience. 

the rainy city was ghetto and sketch dog - but cute all at the same time. we had fun walking around, however, we had more fun hopping on the 3rd and final plane of our day to our sunny & warm paradise.