Monday, September 14, 2015

doterra convention.

this week DoTERRA held their annual convention, which resulted in lots of 13 hour work days for me and my mama. convention was held up in salt lake city at the salt palace, and the energy solutions arena. ever since i knew i would be working convention i've been joking about being scheduled to work as a security guard, and guess who ended up being scheduled as a security guard?! that's right.... ME. i couldn't stop laughing about it! unfortunately, nothing too crazy happened. i have to admit that i kind of wish i had to put someone in a head lock, or that someone punched me in the face. i'm all about good stories ;)
one of my favorite parts of convention was getting to work at the gala, it was beautiful! i loved seeing all of our wellness advocates dressed in sequin gowns. it was like one giant doterra prom.

at convention me and the rest of the doterra staff had the honor of wearing these lovely green doterra vests. lets be honest (as much of a fashion statement that they make) we were pretty excited to be done wearing them.
it was a very tiring - but fun - weekend. now i'm just ready for a couple of naps.