Wednesday, September 23, 2015

homecoming game - half time performance.

this past week was homecoming for good ole' PGHS, i swear that yesterday i was my sr. homecoming. from competing in the homecoming pageant, to dancing at half time, and then attending my the homecoming dance, it was such a great week. time flies and it makes me sentimental. but back to the point, it's tradition that each year for the homecoming game the past years vikette senior's come surprise the current drill team (vikettes) with treats and get them all pumped up and motivated for their halftime performance. 

it was so great - friday afternoon - to once again be reunited with my fellow 2015 vikettes. as the cupcakes were in the oven baking we turned on all our old drill music and we danced in nicole's kitchen. DANG IT i miss dancing and performing! 

the cupcakes turned out darling. i used this recipe found on pinterest. we baked them in blue cupcake liners and topped them with blue sprinkles (PG pride) 

after all our little "drill babies" had changed and were warming up/practicing in the gym we came in and surprised them. just watching them practice was giving me chills, their hip hop routine is SICK. 
i'm not going to lie, as i gave them the "motivational" i MAY of started tearing up.... ;)

i love these girls, and i loved sitting down on the field getting the best 'front row seat' to watch them dance. they kill it every time! i can't wait until competition season ;)

also, i couldn't just not mention that the vikettes very own SAMI JO CARSON was crowned homecoming queen!! 

i absolutely love this girl. i'm not sure i've ever met someone sweeter or more deserving. couldn't be happier for her.
on friday i realized just how much i miss dancing for my high school (and dancing in general) growing up is weird man.... i'll just continue to live out my 'vikette dreams' by watching these girls.