Tuesday, September 1, 2015

last cabin trip of the summer.

it's only tuesday and i'm already in desperate need of another weekend *sigh* 
i have a headache from all the "adult" things i've been running around doing today, work, appointments, trying to figure out issues with the bank, trying to open a new account at a different bank, yada yada yada. to be graduated and 18 man.... it's a hard life ;)

unfortunately, i have to endure 3 more days until the weekend arrives (3 days doesn't seem too long now that i've typed it out) so, until then, i will reminisce on last weekend.

friday afternoon as soon as me and my mama got off work, we headed up to bountiful to pick up my sweet grandmother, from there we headed to our cabin for one last quick trip before the summer weather is gone.

it was  about dinner time once we arrived, we made pizza dough and then each of us prepared our own mini chicken alfredo pizza, we grilled some fresh zuchinni from my grandma's garden to go along with the pizza.

as it got later, we made blackberry apple crisp, and as we ate it we played phase 10.

soon enough it was dark out, and we were getting sleepy! we put on our pajama's and cuddled on the couch while we watch harry potter # 2, the chamber of secrets.

my mom and grandma slept in the little cozy cabin, but like my last trip, i drug a mattress out onto the deck, and slept out in the fresh air. there's no better feeling then getting all bundled up to sleep out in fresh mountain air, something about it is so relaxing about falling asleep while looking up at a clear sky full of stars.

in the morning, we made oatmeal and added some fresh peaches in it, while we're enjoying the last little bit of summer, it's a necessity to eat fresh peaches at every given opportunity! the morning was very relaxed as we spent our time enjoying every last second we had left up there.

my grandpa built this cabin a very very long time ago and it's been a couple years since my cute grandma has been up to this cabin of there's. my grandpa passed away when i was pretty young, we all miss him a lot. i loved watching my grandma roam around, and just staring at everything, it feels like grandpa up there, and it was cute watching his reminisce on everything.

after lunch, we headed back for home, it was a short, sweet, and simple trip. 

alright friday afternooon.... i'm holding out for you!