Friday, August 28, 2015


yesterday morning at 7 a.m. while me and my mom were sitting in a convention training for work, my inner ADHD kicked in and I couldn't sit still, I began looking through my moms purse trying to entertain myself, i came across a "frequent buyer" card from great harvest, all full of punches from previous purchases. at that moment, me and my mom decided, as soon as we got off of work at 12, we'd head over to great harvest to redeem our free sandwich.

we shared a turkey pesto sandwich, and bought a yummy sugar cookie to share too.

it was a nice little afternoon date with my mama. as we sat and ate, i felt really grateful for her. mom's are incredibly hard workers. the love she has for me and the rest of my siblings, and the amount of time she spends serving us amazes me. i hope to be as good of a mom as her someday.
today as we sat and shared lunch, i felt really blessed to have the relationship with her that i do, i'm glad we get along well, and can talk about anything and everything.
everyone deserves a mom who doubles as their best friend!
on a different not, later last night i found myself racing all around provo with chloe, as we tried to accomplish a scavenger hunt within the hour to win a free swim suit - not just any swimsuit - but a kortni jeane swim suit. we may have been flying 85 mph in a 25 mph zone, but i'm happy to say we won swim suits AND we did it without getting a ticket, or hitting a biker. SUCCESS.
along our adventure to complete the scavenger hunt, we also won free threads wallets.
i laughed harder last night then i have in a long time, and i got a lot of free stuff. i'd consider it a night to remember.

(aren't those little pineapple bottoms just the cutest?! i'm pumped for them!)
thursday's adventures and activites left me feeling more grateful and blessed then ever. i must say, i have some pretty great people in my life!