Sunday, August 2, 2015

lady antebellum

wednesday night was the long awaited and anticipated lady antebellum, hunter hayes, and sam hunt concert.

i went with my mama, my older sister heather, and my sister in law chelsea, we had such a fun night.

all concerts are fun, but there's just something about an outdoor country concert that gets my blood pumping.

once hunter left the stage, and we were all waiting for lady antebellum to come on, they played some music over loud speakers, i got really hyper and silly. me being me, i jumped up and started dancing like a crazy fool, soon enough, i had attracted a small crowd of people filming me, and laughing. one brave soul decided to join me, and started dancing like a fool with me, then a girl decided to join us, then 2 more girls decided to join us, and soon enough, i had started an entire mosh pit. 

my poor mom and sisters got stuck in it. but i think the laugh was worth it to them.

i have to admit, starting a mosh pit on my own may just be one of my greatest accomplishments/successes yet.

the night ended with some wonderful lady antebellum. i've seen them in concert before, but i think i forgot how awesome they are live.

i had such a  amazing time, it left me really grateful for nutrition, having energy, and for my health.