Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oakley, the pup.

tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my little brother brought home a little teeny tiny black lab puppy, she's already grown so much in the past 3 weeks! (it's always heartbreaking to watch tiny humans and animals grow)
but..... with that being said, i welcome to you, puppy/selfie overload:

jackson has wanted a black lab for a really long time, mainly for the purpose of hunting and hiking, he's been saving up his money, and doing lots of researching/looking for the perfect breeders.

those perky ears and black black eyes. too cute.

this picture kills me. she looks like a little stuffed animal.

a few weeks before he found the 'perfect little pup;' we were on a family walk around the park discussing what he should name his future dog when he finally one. my mom mentioned "oakley" which j loved, it reminded me of annie oakleyan american sharp shooter. seemed like a nice little coincidence, guns, hunting, the west.... it's all the same, right??

we got her at 8 weeks (she's now 11 weeks) and let me tell you, as much as we love her, she is SUCH a PUNK. the little stinker has only become more naughty as she's gotten older. i've decided, puppies are harder then babies! they both require oodles of attention, but babies don't run around your house chewing and biting everything in sight.

LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE!! are you dying yet?!

we love our little oak - sometimes it's a bit of a love hate relationship - but we love her!