Monday, August 17, 2015

this weekend.

this weekend my brothers and dad were gone on the 'bow hunt' so the girls decided to have a "girls weekend" up at the cabin (with the exception of friday night, when heathers boyfriend collin joined us for a bit)

we did the usual cabin 'stuff,' we had a fire, went on hikes and walks, swung on the "tree swing," played in the little tepee, picked wildflowers, played games, & watched movies. 
we mostly watched ice age and tarzan - paisley's current favorites. we also taught pais how to play "memory," she is the smartest little monkey i know.

paisley was my little side kick this weekend, i enjoyed every last second of it.

i got LOTS of niece cuddles this weekend (and there's nothing i love more then cuddling my babies!)
chels drug a mattress outside on the deck for us to sleep on. we snuggled her little girls in between us and fell asleep under the stars. it's amazing how much body heat those 2 give off, they kept me and chels warm all night! as if waking up to their faces wasn't already good enough, add fresh air, and the 'mountain smell' to that. yuummmm, no other way i'd rather wake up.

('grammy' preferred to sleep inside, but don't worry, as soon as we woke up we ran in to give her lots of hugs so she wouldn't feel left out)


 i'd fall asleep under this every night if i could.

couldn't of asked for a better way to end summer!