Monday, June 20, 2016

happy fathers day.

yesterday we celebrated fathers day....
i always feel so blessed to have the dad that i do. he's the goofiest, silliest, sometimes real stubborn guy. i'm grateful to have a dad who protects me, looks out for me, always has my back, and quotes Michael Scott with me. after drill performances he'd always sit down with me and tell me my team needed to straighten our lines and stay in our formation, i love how seriously he'd take it because he knew how much it meant to me. from football coach to dance coach, what can't he do?! on top of all that my dad is one of the funnest dudes i know. when i was in elementary school he'd come eat lunch with me and my friends in the cafeteria and play trivia games with us. he'd always bring starburst to reward whoever could guess what lines came from what movies first; i remember once one of my friends wanted to hold his hand at recess and i was so jealous because he was MY dad (second grade drama ya know.) he's always been a kid at heart and that's why my nieces prefer him over anyone else (and you know how hard that is for me to admit because paisley is my sidekick.) he's support has shaped me into the person i am today.
not to mention, he use to ask for hot wheels, play dough, and barbies for his birthday's so he'd have more toys to play with his kids with and he hasn't grown out of it! now as a grandpa he's asking for "frozen" bubbles and princess crowns. how much better can grandpa's get? (maybe that's why he's the favorite)
 love this guy a whole lot. happy father's day to the worlds best b(papa bear)oss.

some more words about the men in my life and last years fathers day here.