Wednesday, June 8, 2016

memorial day cabin trip.

this post is long overdue, but better late then never right?? for memorial day weekend we decided to have a girls weekend up at our family cabin.
we arrived late friday night and were caught off guard with how cold it was. the heater doesn't work up there, so we turned on the oven and opened it up and boiled pots of water on the stove, we then hovered over the stove and oven to keep warm haha.
thankfully we all kept real warm at night thanks to nice sleeping bags and lots of bundling.
in the morning we woke up and ate breakfast while watching meet the robinsons. in the middle of our movie watching we had a little mishap with the water. my mom may or may not have broken a pipe resulting in us having to turn the water off altogether haha. oh man, note to self: don't let a 3 girls be the first ones up to the cabin for the year. we'll be sure to let the men do the de-winterizing next year!
after meet the robinsons we on walk, while out on our walk we encountered a baby moose - which was frightening. we couldn't see the mom and we knew there's not much worse then being inbetween a mama moose and her baby, not too long ago my brother got charged up a tree by a moose and ending up having to shoot it. those things are mean! while my mama and lex scurried away i stayed back to take pictures. i'm always taking one for the team!
we got back to the cabin, made BLT's for lunch, packed up and headed home. we could've stuck it out with no heat, but no heat and no water seemed like a bit too much. our trip was much shorter then anticipated, but it was still sweet! it's always nice to speed time up there, and it was a sure adventure non the less.

until next time sweet cabin!
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