Thursday, June 23, 2016

strawberry days.

strawberry days is one of the best weeks of the year here in pleasant grove city. this year i missed out on a bunch of the festivities and i'm so bummed about that!i didn't make it to the concert in the park because it was the same night that we had tickets to the little mermaid, and i also didn't make it to the parade because i was babysitting that morning, i thought about taking the boys i nanny for out to the parade but it was too hot outside anyways. 

i chose not to go to the carnival (like always) it's disgusting and full of germs and motion sick teenagers, but i got to see my little nieces head off to the carnival. pais picked out her own outfit and it was very strawberry days appropriate, such a cutie!
 luckily i made it to the rodeo, which is always the highlight of strawberry days for me!
this year my brother didn't do wild cow milking, which was a relief knowing none of my flesh and blood would be injured; but i'll admit that a part of me wishes i could watch him do it again haha. paisley is still smitten from watching her dad last year and she still requests to play "wild cow milking." tyler will tie a rope to his belt loop and his girls will run around chasing him trying to hold onto the rope, he'll then pretend to "stomp" on their shoulders. it's so funny how good kids memories are!
hopefully next year i'll get all the festivities in and eat some strawberries and cream.

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