Friday, June 3, 2016


as you may remember from this post, i currently have a little roommate (and techinically two roommates if you count my sweet kitty mable) the other night mable was cuddling with me and in the middle of the night pais climbed into my bed; mable ditched me to sleep with paisley. i probably would've been jealous and butt hurt if they didn't look so sweet together. BUT, despite how cute it was, they are each such bed hogs on their own, them together? the worst. good thing i love them though.

every morning my alarm goes off and paisley stays asleep while i quietly slip out of my room to go get ready. every now and then she'll wake up while i'm in the middle of getting ready & i'll take her up to her parents room and she'll climb back in bed with her mama. one morning awhile ago pais came out in the hallway and told me she wanted to stay with me. she watched me as i curled my hair and put on my make up and talked to me the whole time.
oooh this girl. she makes my heart swell.