Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 wrap up.

2015..... WHAT. A. FREAKING. YEAR. it was an unforgettable one no doubt. 

some highlights of the year...

welcoming sweet maycie to the family.
(then disappearing off the face of the year for some months)

turning 18.

being able to attend sr. dinner dance.

being able to go to sr. prom.

being able to not only graduation seminary & higschool, but ATTEND those graduations.

making unbelievably AMAZING friendships (these girls have turned out to be some of my best friends.)

becoming pen pals with (and meeting) stephanie nielson.

being able to go on a 'senior trip' to disney land with my older sister.

another "graduation" of sorts.

an unreal trip to hawaii.

celebrating the holiday's with my sweet family.

annnnnd so much more. what a fabulous year. i wish i had more words to say about 2015 (and in all honestly i just have too many words to say about 2015. i can't process them all and it'd take ages to type them all up) but it was a good one. an unbelievably challenging and hard one - but a good one.