Friday, January 8, 2016

happy 1st maycie moo.

on tuesday my sweet niece maycie turned one. i can't believe it's been a whole year since this sweet little thing arrived.
^^look at her pony tail and tell me you're not dying. could she be any cuter?!^^

                              not sure when, but at some point we started calling maycie "maycie moo" which eventually turned into "moo moo"

for miss "moo moo" we had a farm animal themed party.
she wasn't interested in opening presents, so her older sister opened them for her. 
she had absolutely no idea what was happening, but she ran around her party as happy as could be.

^^ how perfect was her smash cake?!^^

if you remember how she handled her own piece of cake here you can obviously guess why we thought her "cake smash" would be super eventful. surprisingly enough, she wasn't super into it. her dad eventually stuck her hands in the cake then wiped some frosting on her face. she was upset and mad. so that ended that.

i'm so glad i never have to live in a world without miss maycie sage in it again. this sweet girl knows how to make her family happy. we love you moo moo.


i still remember so so perfectly the first week of little maycie's life. 

they grow up way too fast.
see my post about when maycie was born here