Wednesday, January 20, 2016


the week of christmas two of the greatest people i know sealed the deal. mckinzie and kevin are two of the most loving, kind, and caring people i know. they've always been so concerned for me & my well being. i can truly tell they want the best for me - and i couldn't appreciate that more.

kinz and i had mutal friends through jr. high & we officially met in high school once we started dancing together. it wasn't hard to get close with her, she was someone that could always tell when i was struggling and needed someone to talk to. we'd share secrets together, cry together, laugh together, tell dirty jokes together, ect. although we don't see each other every day anymore, our relationship hasn't changed a bit. it's nice having someone to completely confide in (especially when they confide in you right back) i'll never be able to repay her for always letting me come sleep in her bed when it was midnight and i didn't want to go home - but i also didn't want to be alone in my car. 

i can't even count the number of nights where we stayed up way too late having deep heart to hearts - or amount of days we went to lunch together and missed majority of fourth period because we couldn't stop talking each others ear's off.

i'll never forget when i broke my toe (and didn't know it was broken yet so i didn't have crutches) my foot wouldn't fit in any of my shoes so i was hobbling up 'the drag' in a fuzzy sock. it took me about 20 minutes to even make it to the school building and who know's how long it would've taken for me to get to class (i was already so late.) kinz walked out of the school to see me struggling and a few minutes later she saw her boyfriend (kevin) in the parking lot getting out of his car, she told him to go carry me to class - and so he did. he ran up to the school and carried me the rest of the way to class.

you get it... they are amazing humans.
kinz & kev had such a beautiful, awesome day. i was so happy to be apart of it.